Study Plan Sample – Một mẫu thực tế của bạn học sinh đã đậu Visa


Đây là study plan của con gái mình. Con tự viết và đã đậu visa. Các em có thể tham khảo study plan sample này nhé.

To: VISA SECTION Ho Chi Minh City, October 22 2017




Dear Sir/ Madam,

My name is …….. I would like to explain my future study plan as the following.



Date of birth:

Occupation: Student at Ho Chi Minh city University of Foreign Language and Information Technology.

Education level: University Student



Phone number :


2008 – 2012 : student at Nguyen Van Linh for the gifted Secondary School.

2012 – 2015: student at Nam Ki Khoi Nghia High School.

2015– present : student at Ho Chi Minh city University of Foreign Language and Information Technology


2008: Granted to Nguyen Van Linh Secondary School for the Gifted as the student with highest English point, which is one of the most prestigious schools and the only Secondary School for Gifted in my district. Though tough process it may seem, the result was quite remarkable.

2008: After gaining high score in the English Placement Team Selection Test . I decided to try my best, despite some mistakes through the process to became an outstanding student in my class.

In terms of outdoor activities , I was a member of the Music Team of Binh Chanh District , which approached my hobbies and physical health. I was taught to be successful not only in academic field but also in extracurricular activities and moreover, making friends was very fun. That season ended with a lots of achievement and beautiful thing to finish the Secondary School.

2012: Granted to Nam Ki Khoi Nghia high school. The school is renowned for its high quality teaching staffs as well as a reputation of after class activities.

Being accepted to the English and Literature-majored Class, I was self-perceived to give all my best in learning, which was explained how I got good marks at school ( above 90% GPA in English , Biology and Literature with overall above 70%) . In addition, I am also good at English, resulted in the overall 6.0 IELTS exam.

Beside the learning process, I also participated plenty of extracurricular activities as a volunteer, a member of program team, some races sand competitions such as Project Sugar, Book Youth Project,…
From all I have mentioned above, I hold a belief that the Canada Education will be the best selection for my future academy.


Canada is one of the top nations with the best living conditions and an ideal destination for studies.

Canada is in the 7th place of the Top 20 Best Educational System according to

Canada is the world’s 6th happiest country, linked to CNN latest report

Canadian is famous for their friendliness, generosity and kindness

Canada has such a well-organized security and support system for foreign students

→ For the reasons above, Canada is the most ideal country for my studying abroad.


When I was young, it always impressed me to become a Manager since I knew how to the think of ways to make people relaxes and comfortable ,and it was my very luck to familiarize with the Internet very soon. Growing bigger and bigger, I realized that I have great passion in Service Industry and specially in Hotel Industry. And I am very enthusiastic every single time talking about how I know about Hospitality with my parents and my Professors . Eventually, I fall in love with JW Marriot Phu Quoc in my country, and then I found out The Rosseau Muskoka in Ontario, something pumped into my head and it made me here to write this with 100% passion. With deep research through the data on the Internet, I coincidentally found out that Canada is a extremely good place for education, for my future career and I decided to embark on applying to college. With the high-end technologies as well as in-depth-know-how teaching staffs, Canada is the ideal place for me to achieve my goal.

Being accepted to Seneca college, one of the best colleges in Ontario, actually increase my chance to get closer to my dream. Their expert faculty, cutting- edge technologies and extra co-op terms will provide me with excellent learning opportunities and precious experiences after 4 terms. Therefore, my plan is to complete 2 years of college and obtain necessary skills for a couple of years before returning to my native country to start-up, to serve my country as well as to take care of my family. I always dream to become a Manager of JW Marriot which is a famous Branch and served with different style and construction around the world. Hopefully, I can be a Manager of JW Marriot in Phu Quoc or a different Marriot in the future . Although Canada is rated as one of the most worth-living country in the world and the ideal place for settling down, it was always my dream to be successful in my hometown not anywhere else.

In a nutshell, I am looking forward to receiving the consideration and acceptance of the Consulate General of Canada.

Yours faithfully,


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